Feminine Self-Culture: The Importance of Mind Culture for Women


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The high value man of caliber does not want a doll or an unrefined woman for a wife.

He would feel no real appreciation or admiration for such a woman.

Although people of low or common tastes may look upon refinement as a thing to be ridiculed, the high value man of caliber does want a cultured and well-bred lady on his arm.

A pretty face will be noticed by men, but nothing so graces a woman or makes her stand out from other women as the air of refinement and culture.

Culture is ~ when genuine and not affected ~ the grandest of all personal assets in the category of self-cultivation.

It is only by self-cultivation and self-culture that we can attract a worthy husband ~ or a worthy wife. (more…)

Finishing School Lesson: Secrets Of Professional Image Makers: Color in Clothing: Color Seasons ~ Part 1


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Color is dynamic.

It not only appeals to the mind ~ but can powerfully affect our emotions.

“Seeing red” and “feeling blue” are indications of definite attitudes toward color.

Color attracts, repels, comes forward, recedes, stimulates, subdues, and quiets.

A woman may realize how staggering the power of color may be in dress and surroundings if she studies the soothing, cheering, stirring, arousing, maddening and even, deadening, effects which color has had on people throughout history.

Thus the light, mirthful feminine hues of French eighteenth century costumes and interiors seem to express to us the gayety and frivolity of that brilliant and pleasure-mad era. (more…)

How to be Feminine: Secrets of Natural Femininity, Beauty and Charm


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Ideally, a woman should not try to change her natural personality ~ or switch too far from the personality type she was born with.

A woman should try to retain the personality she was born with.

The type most attractive woman is the woman with an appearance of naturalness and natural breeding.

Acting studios used to refer to this type of woman as the “Park Avenue type.”

In addition, the woman who pretends to be better than she is, falls subject to her own sham.

However, the woman who adds art to nature, the woman who cultivates and enhances her natural feminine beauty and charm, the woman who brings out the loveliness of her character to create attraction and harmony, the adorner of the body and the embellisher of the disposition ~ each can be regarded as obeying the feminine nature, and the truest instincts in life. (more…)

Feminine Body Language Secrets: How to Cultivate Ultra Feminine Body Language, Mannerisms and Expression


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In the upcoming course ‘Feminine Body Language Secrets: How to Cultivate Ultra Feminine Body Language, Mannerisms and Expression’ there will be chapters covering lessons related to body language for becoming more feminine and alluring to men.

I will begin the main chapters with a chapter that discusses the basics of feminine body language and expression.

This will start with a discussion of what it means to be feminine or ladylike in the modern world.

I will then delve into additional topics related to feminine body language and movement.

The topics that will be explored include:

  1. The differences between graceful and sensual.
  2. Suggestions and tips for encouraging good posture and grace.
  3. The four basics of feminine body language (eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, and posture) ~ and why each of these is essential to becoming more ladylike.