Hello, sweet one!

Welcome to my world.

Let me regale you with a little bit of information about myself…

My name is Melina.

I adore all things feminine, and am passionate about self-improvement.

Many of my interests quickly escalate into passions and obsessions.

I am a bit of a maverick.

I am the sovereign of my own mental, emotional and spiritual kingdom.

I am in touch with the child within myself ~ unabashedly, I will joyfully frolic among field of flowers. 🙂

I often say I was born in the wrong century.

I am deeply enamored by past eras, and by sumptuous Tudor/Victorian/Medieval gowns.

I have a total fascination for best kept secrets, the exotic secrets of the East, the Japanese geisha, French/Renaissance/Venetian courtesans, scintillating seductresses, inamoratas and royal princesses, queens and mistresses.

I have been a devoted student of femininity, self~improvement, relationships and the Ars Amatoria (ancient art of seduction) for years.

My journey and teachings on femininity and personal development began in a little private study of my own.

It all started one day in my grandparent’s library as a young girl ~ and then, in countless libraries, dusty forgotten books, and correspondence/e~courses after that.

I was often feeling under the weather as a girl, and often marooned in my grandparent’s library, with nothing to do, but read!

My fascination with all things feminine and with personal growth all began with nothing to look at, but magazines ~ full of advertisements for books ~ and books and correspondence courses in personality.

When I reached a later point in my study, I thought, “Why not create a web resource for women?

So here I am. 🙂

I believe in true love, and consider myself a “hopeful” romantic.

I am drawn to anything that involves male-female interaction.

My chief motto in life is, “All ya need is love, love is all ya need!”

Card-carrying feminists, misandrists, and tough, masculine women irk me to no end!

So do feminine men.

I believe in traditional roles for men and women.

I believe in the inherent goodness of the male species.

I like manly men ~ but need only one.

I have a fetish for strong, masculine men ~ and men in period costumes.

My opinion is that women should be feminine, not feminists.

I believe that the values in everyday living should promote eternal things, not material things.

I believe in traditional family values and moral standards.

I love to write, and come from a family of writers.

Creativity and mental stimulation are to me like oxygen.

I am a bit of a geek.

My aim is to inspire women the world over to become the most womanly version of themselves, and to attain greater heights in the finest of all the fine arts ~ the art of living.

It is my passion and ambition to bring knowledge, wisdom and fulfillment to women as a femininity expert and “love life provocateur.”

I teach women how to acquire a line of lures and graces that would make any bona fide siren tremble for her job. 😉

This blog is primarily about the art of being feminine.

I believe that gaining a specific understanding of the true attributes of womanhood is the first and most necessary means of your improvement as a woman.

The art of being feminine is for a woman the art of all arts!

What other form of art can contribute as much to your life enjoyments as a woman?

What other form of study is as worthy of female study?

I shall leave the answer to you. 🙂

Ever yours,

Melina Xx