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Hi sweet one!

This is Melina Dean speaking here, founder and author of The Feminine Belle.

Behind any woman's interest in personality, self-development and femininity, there is always the secret question, "How can I make of myself more of a woman?"

The Feminine Belle Academy will give you the definitive answer to that, and was inspired by countless great ladies ~ in many countries and times ~ who have asked themselves this question, and who have found the answer.

Come and join me in discovering new secrets, ideas and philosophies!


Two Pictures


Every woman carries within her mind two ideal pictures.

Those pictures she is forever retouching, but they are always shining in her imagination softly ~ with a light no painter has ever quite succeeded in putting on canvas.

One is the portrait of her ideal man.

The other is the portrait of her ideal self ~ as she would like to be.

Come Learn...

  • The art of femininity.
  • The art of beauty.
  • The art of seduction.
  • The irresistible secrets of the historical seductresses, courtesans, geisha and great ladies.


This knowledge Guides You on the Path to Ultimate Femininity & Womanhood. It Empowers You as a Woman. It Makes You an Irresistible & Unforgettable Woman. It Incites, Fascinates & Enchants a Man. It Makes Your Man Desire You & Only You!


Irresistible Secrets


This program will show you how to become the ideal woman.

The information in this program will change your life.

You will not want to miss this never-been-taught-before, highly effective information.

These are the secrets that no mother or auntie will ever teach you!


I Am Giving Away All of My Secrets!


There is no-one on the internet teaching this vast level and volume of knowledge pertaining to femininity and relationships for such an incredibly low price!

Get ready to transform yourself...

Practicing the precepts in this program will boost your self-image as a woman dramatically ~ and increase your entire attractiveness quotient.

Under the powerful effects of this program, you will be completely transformed as a woman ~ and a man's original intentions in regards to you can be flung to the wind!



Melina is amazing. Her insight into the world of femininity is a true gem to be taken advantage of- especially for women seeking to find their true loves. There is absolutely an art of femininity and Melina has it.

Teresa, Pretty and Fabulous

Reading Melina's work on deploying womanly arts has truly transformed my life. To say it was an eye-opener is an understatement.


I began implementing Melina's tips and the next thing I knew my husband was surprising me with flowers, asking me out on dates and I would catch him staring at me with that "I'm so in love with you" look.


A Special Study


The success of the great ladies throughout history has always been the product of a special study of life ~ of its meaning and its discipline, and of the lost arts of femininity and womanhood.

However, when it comes to the multitude of factors that go into the making of a great lady, the vast majority of women may only manage to isolate just three or four factors ~ at least within the pages of a single book.

It is a fact that no notable feminine personality is created from the teachings of a single book or made over night.

The closer we come to notable feminine personalities ~ in the past or in the present ~ the more we see behind them the slow development of the years, and the "up-building," hour by hour, of will and power and knowledge.

This study often requires a long and patient effort to develop and shape the woman.

Only by patience, and by a special study and faithful pursuit of perfection ~ in dozens of details of self-management and self~expression ~ can a woman become a great lady.

This program has been created to do specifically that ~ and to show you the way.

This Knowledge is Your Sacred Birthright as a Woman & Your Solemn Duty!


How My Own Journey & Teachings Began


My journey and teachings began in a little private discovery of my own. I was often feeling under the weather as a girl ~ and found myself marooned in my grandparent's library, with nothing to do but read.

My fascination with personal growth and development all began with nothing to look at but magazines ~ full of advertisements for books ~ and books and correspondence courses in personality.

I asked myself all those years ago:

  • What makes personality effective?
  • Is personality inborn or acquired?
  • How can one cultivate personality?
  • How is it that certain personalities have emerged from obscurity and have become widely known and beloved?

To ask one's self these questions and to try to find the answers ~ ranging from ancient knowledge to present knowledge ~ is an entertaining exercise indeed!

Basically, dear heart, I have been a devoted student of self-improvement, femininity, relationships and the Ars Amatoria (ancient art of seduction) for years.

It all started one day in my grandparent's library as a young girl ~ and then in countless libraries, dusty, forgotten books, and correspondence/e-courses after that!

When I reached a later point in my study, I one day thought, "Why not create a website and courses for women?

So here I am. 🙂

Remember: The Greatest of all Arts for a Woman is the Art of Living ~ & the Greatest of a Woman's Creations is Herself.

What I have Discovered on My Journey to Self-Realization & Empowerment as a Woman

  • I have discovered that the attics and libraries and storehouses of civilization are full of secrets and recipes for creating an irresistible feminine personality and for becoming the ultimate woman.


  • I have uncovered the keys for unlocking the rare and unique life ~ the life which draws irresistibly for a woman the notice and love of the world.

What this Program Will Do for You


This program will teach you everything you need to know about feminine personality and femininity, and the subjects of self-improvement, relationships and the Ars Amatoria.

The Feminine Belle Academy will educate you in every piece of womanly wisdom I have collected during my lifelong studies and observations of life and personality, cupcake. 🙂

I will also be sharing with you the various special regimens women (and men) have invented for their own self-improvement ~ from the foods you eat to your last thought before going to bed.


The Advanced Femme


In this program you will discover how to become an "Advanced Femme."

Being an Advanced Femme means being the kind of woman to whom the following things come easily ~ while other woman can only look out helplessly and dream:

  • Quality companionship.
  • The most attractive and high value partner.
  • A rise in salary.
  • The successful landing of the prospect.

The Advanced Femme becomes to other women the symbol of personality and the triumph of the individual self.

To many, there seems to be something uncanny about the way the Advanced presents herself to people's imaginations, and something mysterious in her control of human fate.

Where shall you go to look for that greatest of mysteries ~ yourself?

How may you develop and grow under your own self-direction as a woman?

Why not become a student of The Feminine Belle Academy to discover the answers?

It Does Not Matter What Your Age Is or if You Consider Yourself as an "Average" Woman. This Knowledge Could Transform the Most Timid, Colorless Woman into a Compelling, Fascinating Favorite!


The Plus Factor


A much-loved and fascinating woman ~ however beautiful and talented ~ must be taught to sit, walk, speak and to make a name for herself.

When, at last, she can hold you spell-bound for two hours with the unique glamor of herself, what is the enchantment, after all, but the sum total of the things she has learned.

But there is also the plus factor ~ the mysterious and forever inexplicable addition!

I will not have enough room to talk about that addition here, dove... however, you can discover exactly what it is in this program. 🙂


The Sum Total


The sum total of your results in life as a woman will be 100% tied to your level of knowledge ~ and to your determination to succeed and to apply it.


The Ars Amatoria


This program will share with you long lost knowledge of the "Ars Amatoria" (the ancient art of seduction,) and how to attract and captivate a man for life.

Celebrated in art and in poetry, the stories of the world's greatest and most memorable love affairs have taken themselves into the dreams and aspirations of unknown millions.

There is nothing one likes to remember more than a great love affair ~ especially when it has happened to one's self!

Furthermore, where there is even a hint of such love, it is sure to be expanded by tradition and by previously uncovered knowledge.

Movies and books have given us many wonderful examples of great love affairs and of true mutual love.

In the pages of history we see that:

Noah had his Allie.

Romeo had his Juliet.

Jack had his Rose.

Antony had his Cleopatra.

Pericles had his Aspasia.

Abelard had his Elouise.

Who could you have, sweet one? 🙂

Let Me Share With You ALL of the Secrets for Having a Great & Memorable Love Affair ~ & for Transforming Your Life & Yourself!

The Flip Side of the Coin

Almost every woman alive dreams (or has dreamed) of having a great love affair with a man ~ an affair with the fire of passion and devotion seen in such movies as "The Notebook."

Sadly, however, there are few who ever find or experience such a grand passion.

That enlargement of feeling, that passionate giving, and that almost fadeless sense of enchantment
which belongs to the great lovers of history comes from a knowledge and awareness that is available to just a rare few ~ and from powers and abilities that are almost as rare as genius.

The sad fact is that few men and women will ever encounter such true, faithful and committed love in their entire life time.

Such love is elusive to most, and most will go through life merely seeking it, rather than finding it.

It is also as if those who miss out on having a great love affair are all conscious of such a possibility, and they may yearn intensely for such an experience, yet they still will not find it.

In addition, men can be tricky and elusive creatures to understand and manage in the realm of love and attraction, and there are facts we need to know about them, but often are ignorant about.

What we need to know about men:

  • A passionate relationship is usually more an exchange of the senses and the imagination to a man, than it is of the heart. (Interestingly, with a woman almost every passionate affair becomes an affair of the heart!)
  • A man's interest in a woman is often a highly ephemeral affair ~ existing or lasting only for a short period of time.

In this revolutionary program, I am going to show you how to experience true, faithful and committed love with a man, and how to make almost any man fall passionately in love with you, and become devoted to you for life!


Some Words of Warning


Be prepared.

When a man really falls in love with you, he can fall in love with a vengeance, and that can startle the woman who has not ever experienced it.

Be aware.

If a woman makes it any way obvious to other women that she is irresistible to the opposite sex, she can draw upon herself the malice of her own.

**It is interesting with men, however, that such a woman is very differently regarded. To men, an irresistible woman will not be regarded with any malice at all, but with an opposite kind of feeling. (Perhaps of amusement, admiration or a sort of amicable defiance.)

Be careful.

The knowledge from this program was meant to be used ethically.

I do not condone ~ in any way, shape or form ~ abusing this powerful, effective and life-changing knowledge to coerce a man against his better judgment.

Finally, I never intended that these secret teachings be used to steal away another woman's man.

Any Woman Who is Willing to Learn These Secrets Can Acquire a Line of Lures & Graces that Will Make any Bona Fide Siren Tremble for Her Job!


This System Was Created For...


This system was created solely for the woman who:

  • Desires to give herself an extreme personality makeover.
  • Desires to become an uber-feminine woman.
  • Desires to use these ultra-rare methods with the man she believes is her perfect match in life.
  • Desires to be blissfully married.

Some Questions...


Some questions that you may want to get answered:

  • How does a woman become a fascinating and unforgettable seductress?
  • How can a woman become a "man magnet?"
  • How can a woman develop her latent feminine power?
  • How can a woman captivate a man beyond extrication?
  • How can a woman make a man desire her forever?
  • How can a woman banish a man's fears about commitment?
  • How can a woman remove the barriers and obstacles to a man proposing marriage to her?
  • How can I woman inspire a man's proposal?
  • How can a woman get married in 12 months or less?
  • How can a woman keep a man's loyalty and fidelity in a relationship?
  • How can a woman keep a man faithful?
  • What can guarantee that a man will stay with a woman forever?

Discover the answers in this program!

Cleopatra's Secrets

It was not the usual attributes of beauty that the seductress Cleopatra historic. An interesting, but little-known fact about her was that she was not even a great beauty.

Going by today's standards, Cleopatra was far from beautiful! Nevertheless, Cleopatra was a prime example of knowing how to make a man fall passionately and inexorably in love with her.

She enthralled both Julius Caesar Marc Antony with her legendary powers of attraction. With her superior knowledge of the Ars Amatoria, she made the two Roman leaders her love-struck slaves.

Even when Octavia ~ the most beautiful woman in Rome ~ was given in marriage to Marc Antony, he could not stay away from his beloved Cleopatra. He returned to her time and time again ~ more besotted than ever.

This program shares with you Cleopatra little-known, and incredibly rare seduction secrets!

A Surprising Fact About Men that Cleopatra Knew

A man will sometimes walk away from the most beautiful of women ~ even a perfect "10" ~ to follow almost recklessly, one who would admit no physical comparison to the one forsaken.

The little known secrets of the Ars Amatoria ~ and the potency of "mental bewitchery" that you will learn in The Feminine Belle Academy far exceeds the potency of physical beauty!

With the Teachings of this Program, Any Woman, No Matter How Many Mistakes She Has Made With Men, Can Become as Beloved & as Unforgettable as Great Ladies Such as Cleopatra, Madame de Pompadour, Ninon de L'enclos & Catherine, the Great! 


The Love Code


It is my sincere belief that I have cracked the "love code."

After discovering the semblance of this code as a young woman, I went on to formulate the complete version ~ containing revolutionary and highly-effective techniques.

I initially decided to share this information with just a few other women, who, to their utter delight and amazement, went on to use these methods successfully in their lives.

In the exercise and use of these methods, it was like each woman's prayers had finally been answered.

Métier par Excellence & Self-Mastery

Most women today are not aware of the "métier par excellence" and the self-mastery that the historical seductresses, courtesans, geisha and great ladies have cultivated.

Many of these women were privy to ancient teachings and wisdom that the majority of us have never been privy to.

Furthermore, the empowerment that comes from this knowledge can be so powerful in its operation, that it is sometimes difficult to imagine.

So sure are the results of the exercise and use of this knowledge, that it is a real shame that the results are not experienced more often.

This program shares with you this knowledge and the jealousy-hidden love secrets of these women. 🙂


A Race Against Time


For many women it is a race against time to find a the right man to marry ~ and a man to have a family with.

A woman must also manage to catch the right type of man ~ before it is too late.

Nevertheless, there is still hope, dear one!

Through a very careful study and dissection of the world's greatest seductresses, courtesans and geisha, I have pulled out their individual qualities, attributes and secrets of captivating men.

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Module #1

The Feminine Belle premium blog lessons will teach you everything you need to know about femininity, the art of being a woman, beauty, relationships and self-improvement ~ and avoids the subject matter that you will not use.

This material has been researched and written by myself, and I understand wholeheartedly what women like myself desire and need in their lives ~ and what information they need to use on a daily basis.

As a result, there is no "fluff" or "fillers" in this content ~ just effective and highly actionable content.

Module #2

"The Path to Femininity ~ How to Be Feminine and Ladylike (and Attract High Value Men)"

Module #3

"The Art of Courtesanry: Courtesan Arts"

Module #4

"The Feminine Goddess Handbook"

Module #5

"Cleopatra's Secrets"

Module #6

"Asian Femininity"

Module #7

"French Femininity"

Module #8

"Black Femininity"

Module #9

"Charm warfare"

Module #10

"The Art and Power of Mystique"

Module #11

"Masculine & Feminine Dynamics"

Module #12

"Secrets to Being the Woman Who Men Adore"

Module #13

"Bedroom Satisfaction Secrets"

Module #14

"How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You in Minutes"

Module #15

"Seduction Secrets of a Coquette"

Module #16

"The Art of Beautification for Seductresses"

Module #17

"The Art of Being a Modern Siren"

PLUS 156 lengthy femininity lessons!


Full Course Contents

Here is a break-down of the full contents of the training.

  • The Art of Being Feminine
  • The Art of Beauty
  • The Art of Seduction
  • The Irresistible Secrets of the Historical Seductresses, Courtesans, Geisha & Great Ladies
  • How to Transform Your Self & Your Life
  • How to Gain Self-Mastery
  • How to Give Yourself an Extreme Personality Makeover
  • How to Become an Ideal Woman, an Advanced Femme & a Great Lady
  • How to Be a Goddess
  • How to Have a Great, Memorable & Life-Long Love Affair

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