True Femininity: The Path to Modern Regal Living: Feminine Dignity


Good morning, sweet one!

For a woman, dignity denotes that propriety of feminine behavior and comportment which you see in royal women, and in ladies of substance, excellence and distinction.

The high degree of self-culture, refined femininity, queenliness, poise, self-assurancee, courtesy, kindness, philanthropy, etc., which we see in such ladies, can only be exemplified by an exalted feminine character.

A low or debased character cannot manifest these attributes.

Exalted character implies one which is loved and respected.

As an aspiring feminine woman you should be always determining whether or not your conduct is ‘proper’ and correct, whether or not it is urbane and dignified ~ and whether or not it comes from a place of sincerity and love ~ when dealing with others.

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